It's been a long battle for The Weinstein Co. and their new documentary, 'Bully,' a film that explores the effects of teen bullying. The MPAA slapped the film with an R rating, and the Weinsteins responded by choosing to release the film as unrated. But now kids will be able to see the crucial doc, courtesy of AMC Theaters. Find out how:

The MPAA has long had a seemingly arbitrary set of rules governing their rating decisions, and the latest in a long line of head-scratchers is their decision to give 'Bully' an R rating for strong language. As many on the internet have pointed out, the MPAA granted 'The Hunger Games' -- a film about teenagers killing each other that features some violence and bloodshed -- a PG-13 rating.

Unable to reach an agreement, The Weinstein Co. boldly chose to forgo the rating and release 'Bully' as unrated. The Washington Post reports that the film will play five theaters, and AMC has agreed to allow minors to see the film either with their parents or with a special parental permission slip, available through their website. The film releases this Friday.

Good on AMC for stepping up and recognizing that it's a parent's job to monitor their children's film choices, not the MPAA.