It's been several years since we caught up with Jim and his raunchy crew of friends at Jim and Michelle's wedding in the aptly titled 'American Wedding,' but now we'll finally get answers to all of our burning questions, like: What happens when some of these people have kids? What happened to Chris Klein's career? Can Michelle tell that flute joke again? And who hasn't slept with Stifler's mom yet? Spoiler alert: it's Jim's dad.

The first full trailer for 'American Reunion' has finally hit the web, and with it comes all the redundant sex humor we loved, grew tired of,  then hated in front of our peers while secretly still loving it, and then loved in the nostalgic sense because that usually gives us a free pass to like things that aren't very smart.

This time around Jim and the gang are heading home for their high school reunion, where Jim will be tempted to cheat on his wife with an 18 year old, Stifler will do something disgusting (this time he's using a cooler as his toilet!), and the friends will have to embrace the reality of their present by confronting their past in the form of obnoxious teenage boys, cleverly developed by the writers as a way for our protagonists to stare into their own personal abyss, or, you know, an excuse to have Stifler urinate on someone.