We're on the first results night for the semifinals, which means some awfully difficult decisions must be made. Who will stay and who will make it to the coveted finals, closer to that grand prize on 'America's Got Talent'? Read on to see.

Plenty of the contestants must be crackling with tension as they anxiously await their fate backstage. This is their chance to get a step closer to superstardom, as if they haven't achieved it already. Given the fact that they've all been on this season for so long is a feat in itself.

The night begins with the comedic talents of Steve Harvey. He makes cute quips on all that's going on in the show, lightening up the mood before it gets rather intense. But as soon as he's on stage joking away it's time for eliminations. The first trio to step up on that monstrous stage includes the dancing duo The Scott Brothers, sand artist Joe Castillo and the wonderful contortionist dancer Turf. After some comments from the judges about how obviously difficult it was for America to make their decision, they choose Joe Castillo! Ouch. We were really rooting for Turf ever since he first landed on stage in the auditions but since he's gotten national exposure maybe somebody will pick him up for a tour or other dance gig. He's got a bright future ahead of him, and so does Joe Castillo since he's our first contestant going to the finals.

But the nail biting eliminations aren't over just yet! We need to go through the second trio which consists of opera singer Andrew De Leon, the crazy fun dance group Academy of Villains and Earth Harp creator/musician William Close. Man America, you're not going to make this easy on any of us to watch at this point. We like each one of these acts fine but only one can move forward. The lights go red, the anticipation builds and then they announce that William Close is moving forward. We do hate to see Andrew De Leon go (again) but since he's taken the time to get proper training now perhaps we'll see him on stage in the near future. Same goes with the Academy of Villains. At the same time though, William Close's performance last night was easily the most theatrical of the three. We're giddy with excitement wondering how his band will top this last performance in the finals.

Now it's time for our musical act for the night which is a lot younger than most of the acts that have gone up on stage. We're talking about Haunted by Heroes, literally a group of kids who are their own little rock/pop band. They cover their song "Everybody Talks" and the audience is mildly amused, but then we quickly move on.

Elimination time again! But now we bring out singer Edon, the crazy strong acrobatic balancing act Donovan & Rebecca along with the ventriloquist Todd Oliver and his cute dog Irving. This is a particularly unique group because not one of them has slipped up at any point in front of the judges. They're all adored by the judges which is why we're glad America made the decision for them. Todd Oliver and Irving make it into the finals, which is wonderfully surprising given the fact that they leapt back into the show on their wild card round.

There's still one more group they have to comb through which includes comedian Tom Cotter, supposed mind reader Eric Dittelman and country singer Bria Kelly. Thankfully America read our minds and let Tom Cotter move towards the finals. We have to admit, he's been completely on top of his game ever since he first appeared on the show. We wouldn't be surprised if he ran away with the whole thing.

But wait, we have four contestants that have been voted into the finals. The judges specifically said that only three would remain by the end of the night. That means it's up to our three strange judges to decide who they want to keep. Right off the bat they let Tom Cotter and William Close stay in the finals, which means they have to vote between Todd Oliver and Irving the dog and Joe Castillo. Despite us crossing our fingers and toes for the cute dog ventriloquist act, Sharon and Howie vote in Joe Castillo. We find this to be particularly amusing because they were criticizing him a lot more than Todd Oliver and Irving the dog last night. We better see these guys in Vegas soon even if they didn't win the grand prize.

There you have it, the first three contestants destined to make it big or not in the finals. Who else will join them? We'll find out next week on 'America's Got Talent.'