After plenty of tears, sweat and heartache, we're down to the final six competitors for this season of 'America's Got Talent.' Who is worthy of the grand prize? That all depends on how great their performances are tonight.

Our sharply dressed host Nick Cannon prances out on the stage, spitting out the same story about the grand prize we've heard all these many weeks. Whoever wins not only gets their hands on a cool million bucks, but also will be headlining their own show at The Venetian in Las Vegas - in case you forgot.

The show starts with the talented David Garibaldi and his CMYK's. This artistic dancing group has continually impressed the crowds and judges with their skill and sweet moves. However, we were a little afraid when the judges (mainly Howard Stern) spat out a few discouraging words on their last performance. Thankfully tonight they entertained the whole crowd as they not only gave a nice painted nod to their own group but made one killer portrait of Albert Einstein, and this time Howard Stern loves the artwork. We take his word a lot more than Howie Mandell who's been pretty much been shouting out the same encouraging words to every contestant for the past month and a half.

Comedian Tom Cotter's preview segment starts off with his family and how much it would mean to them all if he won. Since he's been one of the funniest people on the show, we think he has a good shot at winning the grand prize. At the same time he dished out a cute warning to Nick Cannon, "I will man hug him to death. It will get ugly." Tom Cotter continues to show his improvisation skills with his plush comedy cube. When it rolled to poor examples he chucked out one sharp joke after another. We agree when Howie said, "You just scratched and clawed your way to the top tonight."

Next up on stage is The Untouchables, a group of young dancers who hope to make it to the top. They perform to the song "Proud Mary", doing a bit of a swing dance but appear a little bit off. It felt like they weren't giving their best performance out there. Regardless, Sharon was completely won over.

Then there's Joe Castillo, the sand artist whose inspiring stories touch the hearts of viewers every week. Instead of telling another sweet tale he just does drawings of all of the judges and the host. Well hey, since this is the last time to impress the judges, why not do butter them up? For some reason Howie thinks what he did was heartwarming, but we agree with Sharon that we wished it was a little more spiritual of a piece.

Then comes the amazing William Close and the Earth Harp Collective. He claims that he's doing his biggest showcase yet. His previous performances have been taking up the entire stage, playing on the grand scale of it all. Between the earth harp, the chime swings and everything else that's going on... it's magnificent. The crowd went for it big time, giving up the biggest round of applause of the night.

The last performers are a bit hairier than the rest of the group. It's the The Olate Dogs! Half of the dogs are dressed to the T in cute ties and button up shirts as they hop around, walk on their hind legs and make everyone's faces melt over their cuteness. They're so adorable that at the end of the performance Sharon can't let one of them go. This was a perfect way to end the performances of this year's 'America's Got Talent.' Maybe audiences will be so charmed by the fluffy puppies that they'll vote them as their winner.

So who will be crowned as our winner in this season of 'America's Got Talent'? We'll find out tomorrow night during the results round.

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