America's Next Top Model

Last week on 'America's Next Top Model' Tyra thankfully sent Kyle packing after a ridiculous "art installation" inspired photo shoot. This week the girls will have to put their runway skills to the test with special guest judge Georgina Chapman of Marchesa (and Harvey Weinstein marriage) fame.

The meet with designers to vie for spots on their runway shows, including Georgina Chapman and Marchesa, and renowned designer Francisco Costa. Kelly Cutrone shows up to bob her head around and tell the girls how important it is to impress the designers -- the winning girl will get a free stay at one of nine Dorchester Hotels and the winning designers will get a check for $40,000.

Catherine -- whose hair is looking washed out and terrible -- makes the first error, tripping during an audition walk. Each of the designers is looking for something different, and while most of the girls are adequate, none of them really bring that wow factor. Cutrone proves herself useful, finally, when she sets the girls straight on their weaknesses, and Seymone lets her insecurities get the best of her and becomes exhaustively defensive.

Alisha, Annaliese, and Sophie are each opening a designer's show (Sophie is opening two), making them the three contenders for the runway challenge. The rest of the models will walk as well, but the trio of Brits stealing this challenge speaks volumes about their domination thus far. The UK girls have been stronger all around this season in presentation, poise, and runway, and now that Azmarie is gone the US girls feel even weaker. During the runway show most of the girls look too delicate and safe. No one is really pushing it or providing that fierce edge. Sophie is dreamy and competent on the runway, while Annaliese channels something akin to anger. Cutrone praises the latter for her performance, but it seems like she was the only one giving a facial expression so she's automatically a favorite.

The designers Alisha opened for win the challenge, making Alisha the challenge winner as well.

This week's photo shoot challenge delightfully combines Hello Kitty and couture, with the girls modeling amazing, one of a kind creations made of Hello Kitty accessories. Their photographer this week is a 16 year old Seventeen magazine contest winner named Anne He, whose talent at that age is enough to make anyone feel like they've wasted their lives -- maybe by watching 'America's Next Top Model' or something.

Catherine kicks things off, and while she's a beautiful girl, there's something unfortunately bland and forgettable about her. Coming off her runway challenge win, Alisha gives a strong performance, but not as impressive as Annaliese. Sophie doesn't fare as well, giving very mechanical movements and seeming lost. The Eeyore of contestants -- Seymone -- wobbles onto set complaining about her heavy head piece and unable to work her way through the discomfort. Laura, on the other hand, effortlessly models her way around a dress made of metal lunchboxes. Eboni isn't as awkward as Seymone, but her performance is reminiscent of Sophie's robotic posing.

It looks like it might come down to Sophie, Seymone, and Eboni this week. At least Tyra and Co. finally came through with some hair touch-ups, returning the siren red to Catherine's dingy locks and the bubbly pink back to Sophie, though she arguably looks better as an icy blonde.

This week's challenge gives Tyra an excuse to toss in some cringe-inducing "meows" during  panel. Kelly Cutrone returns to her snark, but after her on-point criticisms during the runway challenge she's earning a new level of respect from me, and I can forgive her for being a PR Maven, whatever that means.

No girl is safe with only seven remaining, and every girl gets a dose of criticism from the judges, except for Alisha, who is seemingly untouchable this week. Cutrone nails Sophie's picture by commenting, "It's like if Debbie Harry left CBGBs and wound up in Hello Kitty land." Not that the models know any of the words in that sentence aside from "Hello Kitty," but it's yet another witty, spot-on critique from Cutrone, who continues to prove why she was chosen to replace Andre Leon-Talley on judge's panel.

Alisha obviously takes top photo, with Sophie surprisingly getting the runner-up spot after the judges blasted her for her confusing pose. In the end it comes down to Eboni and Seymone -- as expected -- with whiny Seymone getting the boot.

Next week, the girls head off to Asia, which means we're getting closer to the end, when things get a bit more interesting!

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