Hold up! Stop the presses. Is Tyra Banks making an appearance in the 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' movie as her alter ego "Super Smize"?

EW got a sneak peak at a slew of new images from the much-anticipated 'Twilight Saga' finale, which included the first shots of the little actress playing Renesmee and some of the vamps who will fight alongside the Cullen family. From the looks of it, Tyra might swoop in to battle the Vulturi utilizing her power of "smizing" (i.e. going crazy because she's Tyra Banks and can do whatever she wants.)

Luckily for all of us, this will not be happening. Instead, Summit Entertainment chose Judith Shekoni, a "Super Smize" look alike, to play the role of South African vampire Zafrini. She's the one in the book who can create illusions, which, just like Tyra, makes everyone extremely uncomfortable and wonder, "Is this for real?"

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