I have to imagine that life is pretty good for Amy Schumer, apart from the hundreds of people on Twitter who have inexplicably made it their life’s work to say cruel things about Amy Schumer. She’s got a great job, she rides jet-skis with Jennifer Lawrence, one call to her uncle Senator Chuck Schumer could get her crowned Unofficial Queen of New York State, she’s a dimension of rich I can’t begin to wrap my head around. And best of all, when she’s bored and looking for a change of pace, she can go kick it with Judge Judy.

That’s what Schumer did yesterday, in a cameo that baffled many regular watchers of the “old lady excoriates shame-faced litigants” program. (I am myself more of a Judge Hatchett guy.) Us Magazine notes that on a whim, Judy superfan Schumer dropped in to sit on the onlookers’ bench during a taping of the August 17 episode. As the tweets below suggest, Schumer played her part dutifully, making all the serious, ponderous faces that members of the audience are supposed to. More bafflingly still, the case being heard while Schumer was in the house apparently had something to do with Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards:

Schumer even got to live out her wildest Judge Judy-themed dreams by taking the hallowed judge’s box seat and receiving a case brief from her trust bailiff. It looks like a fun day, but it does pose the question of where these impromptu TV drop-ins stop. If she wanted, could Schumer stroll through the background of a Halt and Catch Fire shot in period-appropriate ’80s garb? Is the Inside Amy Schumer parody of Game of Thrones really that far off?

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