Amy Schumer

Anne Hathaway May Take Over for Amy Schumer on ‘Barbie’
Amy Schumer has seen better days. Back in May, her big-screen vehicle Snatched was savaged by critics, who were pretty much the only people to actually go see the film. That followed a mini-controversy surrounding a video Schumer recorded of her and some chums on set performing Beyoncé’s single “Formation,” which now feels like a faint memory from a more innocent time. On top of all that, Schumer had to part ways with the live-action treatment of the Barbie doll line currently in the works at Sony. The good news, for Sony at least, is that they’ve found a suitable replacement. And she’s got Oscar bona fides.
‘Snatched’ TV Spot Offers the Perfect Mother’s Day Comedy
Sometimes a movie and a release date just make sense. While blockbuster Hollywood releases can often feel like a game of musical chairs  —  where every studio scrambles to find a summer release date that isn’t already occupied by a superhero movie or major franchise —  occasionally, a movie hits theaters at just the right to really leverage a holiday. Take Amy Schumer’s Snatched. With the film set for an April 12 release date, it is perfectly situated to take advantage of Mother’s Day weekend. For once, you can take your mom out to a movie that you might both actually enjoy.
‘Snatched’ Clip: Goldie Hawn’s New Gift Summons a Dog
Snatched looks like the mother-daughter adventure film to rule all other mother-daughter adventure films, at least in terms of unpredictable hijinks and not a small amount of raunchiness. Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn’s team-up will be something to see no matter what, and today gives us our very first clip of the madness ahead.

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