The Annabelle doll was one of the highlights of The Conjuring, and like a lot of standout characters in other movies, she received her very own spinoff / prequel, which will now have its very own sequel, feeding the never ending cycle of sequels / prequels / spinoffs. In any case, there will be a second Annabelle movie because you people are apparently delighted by your own fear of dolls.

Variety reports that Annabelle scribe Gary Dauberman is returning to script the sequel for New Line, while a director and cast have yet to be officially lined up. In related news, apparently Annabelle was enough of a hit at the box office to warrant a sequel. The film cost $6.5 million to make and brought in $250 million worldwide (thanks, worldwide box office grosses!).

The first Annabelle film was released in 2014 and directed by The Conjuring and Insidious cinematographer John R. Leonetti with James Wan serving as executive producer. Based on the haunted doll from The Conjuring (who was in turn based on a real-life case investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren), the film centered on a couple who are terrorized by paranormal occurrences involving an antique doll after their home is invaded by satanists. A pretty chill time was had by all, to be sure.

It’s unclear if the sequel will center on a new family or if it will have more direct ties to the first film or to The Conjuring and its upcoming sequel.

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