‘Annabelle’ Sequel in the Works
The Anabelle doll was one of the highlights of The Conjuring, and like a lot of standout characters in other movies, she received her very own spinoff / prequel, which will now have its very own sequel, feeding the never ending cycle of sequels / prequels / spinoffs. In any case, there will be a sec…
'Annabelle' Trailer: The Terrifying Tale Behind That Doll
Warner Bros. released the full-length 'Annabelle' trailer, which does not hide the origins of its titular demonic doll. Yes, this is the same doll that left a huge impression on audiences in 'The Conjuring,' and, yes, we're going to get to see exactly how this creepy thing c…
'The Conjuring' Spinoff 'Annabelle' Gets a Release Date
One of the spookiest parts of James Wan's exceptionally spooky horror flick 'The Conjuring' was the terrifying doll named Annabelle, who has gotten her very own spinoff movie. And today comes word that the officially-titled 'Annabelle' will hit theaters in October.