It's no secret that Ron Burgundy loves three things: poetry, a glass of scotch and his friend Baxter. We already have a Ron Burgundy book and Ron Burgundy's Scotchy-Scotch-Scotch ice cream, so it's time for Baxter to have his shot at the big time. Now 'Anchorman 2' director Adam McKay says he wants to work on a kid-friendly 'Anchorman' spinoff that would follow the adventures of Baxter and the son of Ron Burgundy.

There are some spoilers for 'Anchorman 2' ahead but they come directly from the mouth of McKay, who seems to be OK with the information he's divulging. When talking to Collider on the set of 'Anchorman 2,' he revealed plans for a G-rated spinoff that came about as he and star Will Ferrell wondered what Baxter did when Ron Burgundy wasn't around. Says McKay:

I guess it's out of the bag that Ron has a son [in 'Anchorman 2']? I mean, I guess it's kinda out of the bag that Ron has a son? Or did I just let it out of the bag? I just let it out of the bag. So we wanted to do the adventures of his son, Walter Burgundy, and Baxter. And I actually pitched it to Adam Goodman at Paramount and he said, 'That's not a bad idea.' So there's a chance we might be doing a 'Milo & Otis,' G-rated, PG, 'Adventures Of Walter And Baxter,' which would be amazing.

The fact that Ron has a son in 'Anchorman 2' hasn't been much of a secret - they filmed multiple scenes in public with Ferrell and a young boy and McKay previously said that a major part of the film would include a "custody battle" between Ron and Veronica Corningstone who have since separated (she's dating Greg Kinnear's character, who you catch a glimpse of in the new trailer).

Here's where we're torn: the idea of anything in the 'Anchorman' universe that's G-rated is too crazy idea to pass up. Yet, we would've thought the same thing about 'Ace Ventura' and do you remember the horror show that was 'Ace Ventura, Jr.'? Considering how long it took Paramount to greenlight a proper 'Anchorman' sequel, we can't imagine they'll quickly jump at the prospects of a version that follows Ron's son and a dog, but stranger things have indeed happened.

What do you think? Would you want to see a G-rated 'Anchorman' spinoff?