Since normal people tend to work quotes from 'Anchorman' into our everyday lives and attempt Ron Burgundy impressions on a daily basis, it shouldn't come as a surprise that a local news anchor would be well versed in the dialogue and mannerisms of Will Ferrell's iconic character. What does come as a surprise is that said anchor put on a bushy mustache, get in his flashiest suit and played Ron Burgundy for the entirety of a news broadcast this Halloween.

This heroic man is named Paul Gerke and he's the sports anchor at KIVI Channel 6 in Idaho. Yesterday, he decided to take an opportunity to celebrate Halloween right and presented the day's sports news entirely in-character as the 'Anchorman' franchise's loudmouth newsman, working countless quotes from the film into his normal reporting. His impression isn't perfect and that 'stache is obviously a fabrication (modern men can't grow real facial hair, after all), but his commitment to the gag is just plain impressive. A mediocre anchorman would have dropped the act after a few seconds, but Gerke establishes himself as the Greatest Anchorman In Idaho by sticking to his guns and keeping it going for the entirety of his segment.

Make sure you watch the video all the way to end, so you can see Gerke join the rest of the news crew at the main desk and make them all crack up. And also make sure you see 'Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues' this December, since you know Gerke will and if you're not careful, he'll use all of the best jokes in a broadcast.

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