FX knows that Charlie Sheen has an image. One could say he has an image problem. He was booted off of 'Two and Half Men' (which is doing okay without him), and is known for not knowing when to shut up. But Sheen didn't follow the Tom Cruise playbook by going away for a while, and instead embraced the crazy. The latest teaser for 'Anger Management' plays on that.

Though it doesn't feature any footage from the show itself, it does offer Sheen near a train that crashes, and has him make a joke about getting another chance. It's a similar joke to the one in the first teaser, but perhaps pointing out that Sheen has a troubled recent history tells viewers that everyone is in on the joke. It's hard to say if audiences are ready to give Charlie Sheen another chance, but they've forgiven him before, and will likely do so again if he delivers something funny.

And that's the question: whether or not the show's actually good. Sheen has shown a great talent with comedy, and he's been a sport about his image going back to something like 'Being John Malkovich' (which Criterion recently put on DVD and Blu-ray). We'll know if 'Anger Management' is worth it when the show hits televisions June 28.