Thrills! Chills! Adventure! Filmed in color! The thumbnail for The Adventures of Indiana Jones by Patrick Schoenmaker promises a lot. And the short delivers every last bit of it.

This animated clip was designed as (per the short’s YouTube description) “the opening sequence of what would be the TV series to make all other TV shows redundant: The Adventures of Indiana Jones.” Schoenmaker, based in the Netherlands, calls himself a “lifelong fan” of Indy and made this project in his spare time for the last five years. That’s a lot of time spent on just 100 seconds of footage, but it was worth; the end result is gorgeous. The transitions between scenes are seamless, the character designs are great, and the atmosphere is just right. The clip gets Indy better than certain Indy movies that shall remain nameless (but rhyme with schmingdom of the Bristol hull).

True, the John Williams score does a lot of the heavy lifting to give the clip the right tone and mood, but Schoenmaker’s work is on the money too. Tell me you wouldn’t watch this series. You wouldn’t? You’re lying! You would watch it! We all would! I don’t care about The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles! That’s not relevant to this discussion! This is great! That was not!


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