Indiana Jones has a very strong video game tradition, producing classics like Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. (Then again they weren’t all winners, I remember screaming in pure rage at my television while playing Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.) But the newest Indiana Jones game, from Bethesda and producer Todd Howard (FalloutThe Elder Scrolls) really looks like something special.

Officially titled Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, the game was first teased way back in January of 2021. Three years later, we’ve finally got our first look at the gameplay, which reveals that it follows a young Indy (very much looking like Harrison Ford, although not voiced by him) as he scours the globe for the clues to yet another ancient mystery.

The game will be exclusive to Windows and Xbox Series X/S - so Indy fans are going to be very annoyed if they don’t own one of those, especially after they see what this thing looks like. Check out the trailer below:

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Here is the game’s synopsis, which confirms when in the Indiana Jones timeline the film is set:

Uncover one of history’s greatest mysteries in Indiana Jones and the Great Circle™, a first-person, single-player adventure set between the events of Raiders of the Lost Ark™ and The Last Crusade™. The year is 1937, sinister forces are scouring the globe for the secret to an ancient power connected to the Great Circle, and only one person can stop them - Indiana Jones™. You’ll become the legendary archaeologist in this cinematic action-adventure game from MachineGames, the award-winning studio behind the recent Wolfenstein series, and executive produced by Hall of Fame game designer Todd Howard.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle will be available later this year.

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