Katherine Heigl's issues with 'Knocked Up' and director Judd Apatow have been well-documented in the press, and we highly doubt Apatow's original pick would have been so vocally ungrateful for the part. Anne Hathaway was considered for the role of Alison Scott in the comedy about a one-night stand that leads to an unexpected pregnancy. Hathaway told Marie Claire magazine in 2007 that she turned down the part "because it was going to show a vagina – not mine, but somebody else's. And I didn't believe that it was actually necessary to the story." She's gone on record before as saying she's not against parts with nudity if it's integral to the story, but her statement to Marie Claire is a little contradictory -- 'Knocked Up' wouldn't have even featured her own nudity, just the nudity of someone else in a scene that emphasizes the pain of childbirth honestly. In the end, the role was a total get for Heigl, who has since made a career in generic rom-coms and hasn't found a role since that's been as interesting.

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