Unlike most comedy sequels, the Austin Powers franchise only became more successful at the box office with each additional outing (sorry, Neighbors 2), with Austin Powers in Goldmember generating $300 million worldwide. It’s been 14 years since Mike Myers last donned the mop-top and spouted a bunch of delightfully cheesy innuendoes, and though we may not be any closer to a fourth Austin Powers outing, director Jay Roach says it could still very much happen.

In the years since 2002’s Goldmember, Myers and Roach have been occasionally asked about making another sequel to their wildly successful franchise. Each and every time, they’ve both been optimistic about returning to Austin Powers, though Myers has considerably slowed down his output over the past 14 years.

While out promoting his new HBO film All the Way, Roach appeared on Larry King Now, where he said that he’s been “kicking around ideas” for another Austin Powers sequel with Myers:

You know, Mike Myers and I talk about it every time we get together. I would say it’s in a latent phase right now, but someday if we find the right idea that seems to have it earn itself, for sure. Mike gave me the break of a lifetime in letting me direct [Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery] so I’m always good to go.

For his part, Myers isn’t not working. He last appeared on the big screen in 2009’s Inglourious Basterds, and we last heard him in 2010’s Shrek Forever After. Since then, he’s made a few appearances on SNL — most recently dropping in during Ryan Gosling’s monologue — and directed a documentary about legendary Hollywood insider Shep Gordon.

But as he explained in a great interview with GQ in 2014, Myers isn’t scrambling to do anything just because he can or should. Citing Steven Soderbergh as a source of inspiration, Myers has been content making things at his own pace. When and if the time is right for Austin Powers 4, it’ll happen.

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