The Mad Max: Fury Road stunt crew sure made a name for themselves during George Miller’s return to his post-apocalyptic road movie series. Miller made it a point to have as much real effects as he could in the movie, and his stunt team was the best of the best. They even figured out how to do stunts practically that Miller was planning on using CGI for. Now, the stunt team will ride shiny and chrome once again, but instead of Valhalla, they’re heading to Atlantis.

We don’t know much yet about James Wan’s Aquaman movie, but now we know that it’s going to feature some crazy as heck stunts. reports that stunt director Keir Beck revealed his team was prepping for the water stunts involved in the movie. “You know, if there is water sequences, obviously being capable and competent in water [will help],” he said. Well, he’s certainly not wrong. Mad Max: Fury Road was a visual delight, the stuntwork and practical effects a welcome change from the CGI-laden action films we’ve gotten so used to these days. And if Wan is half as visionary as Miller is, Aquaman is certainly going to have a few awesome setpieces.

And it’s a good thing the team is starting to practice now: Heroic Hollywood reports that the movie could start shooting as soon as May 2017 and will shoot not only on Australia’s Gold Coast, but also in Sicily at the Castle of Venus. May is probably a great time for a tropical or Mediterranean location as that’s usually the time of the year when the weather will be at it’s nicest. If anything, watching Aquaman will help you plan your next beachfront getaway.

Aquaman stars Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Patrick Wilson, and Willem Dafoe, and hits theaters July 27, 2018.

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