While we still all patiently await the debut (or even filming) of Netflix's eventual 'Arrested Development' revival, we'll take any chance we have to see our favorite stars of the Bluth family back together.  Now we won't even have to wait until Morgan Spurlock's upcoming documentary 'Mansome' to reunite 'Arrested Development' stars Jason Bateman and Will Arnett, all thanks to two new series from 'Call of Duty!'

Though the project has been in gestation for some time, video game 'Call of Duty' has officially re-united 'Arrested Development' stars Jason Bateman and Will Arnett, along with a host of other talent for two new web-series tying into the combat simulator game.  The first, entitled 'Noob Tube' will feature user-created videos of gameplay from 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3' complete with voice-over “smack talk” commentary from Arnett and Bateman.

The second, 'Cocked Hammers,' arrives as an original computer animated series combining 'Call of Duty' game animation with original performances by the two 'Arrested Development stars, as well as director Justin Theroux, Peter Giles, and a few special guests.  Created out of Will Arnett's personal fondness and association for the gaming franchise, 'Noob Tube' and 'Cocked Hammers' will unfurl  exclusively on Call of Duty Elite TV, the game's online service with over 10 million registered users.

On the genesis of both series, Arnett recently spoke to IGN, saying:

Noob Tube really came from one of the people that we work with, Rob Neder. We kept looking at different clips on YouTube and marveling or laughing at this stuff. We went to Activision and said we want to curate some of this stuff that’s out there because some of those videos had so many views. We created a show where every week users can send in their best kill, their best jump, their best frag grenade, their best whatever and we’ll decide what deserves to be seen and what doesn’t.

[As for 'Cocked Hammers'] Tom Chambers was playing Call of Duty with us and the s**t we said to each other when we would play was so stupid that we thought maybe there’s a way that we can get with some of the guys that we play with and capture that. There are various examples out in the world of people who try to create original content with gameplay footage and we started working with the animators and with the guys over at Infinity Ward and Activision to try to do it in a new way, a little bit more refined, using better graphics, etc.

You can check out the teaser for 'Cocked Hammers' below, so take a look, and tell us in the comments if you'll tune in while we wait for new 'Arrested Development!'