Newly-crowned 'Celebrity Apprentice' champ Arsenio Hall ruled the late-night airwaves in the early 1990s, and he may soon get another bite at the apple -- several networks, including his 'Apprentice' home NBC, are apparently vying to get him back on the air.

'The Arsenio Hall Show' premiered alongside 'The Simpsons' in 1989, and both helped launch the Fox network into the force it is today. It was on Hall's show in 1992 that Bill Clinton, then a candidate for President, donned sunglasses and played the sax in a now-famous appearance that helped him connect with younger voters (check out Hall talking about it below).

Hall's program went off the air two years later, and the actor and comedian has been trying to land another TV show ever since.

His run on 'Celebrity Apprentice' brought him renewed notoriety and fame, and managing to get through the gig without punching Donald Trump in the face also proved he has extraordinary patience. All of those traits (okay, maybe just the notoriety and fame) have made him a hot commodity again, and TMZ reports NBC and at least two other networks are "very interested" in signing him to a new TV deal.

No word on whether it would be a daytime or (another) late-night chat fest, but either way, we just hope he brings his famous "Dog Pound" with him.