Attack The Block is a horror-comedy about an alien invasion directed by Joe Cornish, starring John Boyega. After over a decade, a sequel to the film is finally in the works. The movie didn’t fare extremely well at the box office, but it did exceptionally well with critics. It was also Boyega’s film debut. In May of 2021, it was announced that a sequel was on the way, with Cornish set to direct and Boyega once again in a starring role.

Joe Cornish recently sat down with EW to talk about what the sequel is going to look like.

“We are working hard on Attack the Block 2. We've got a storyline, which we're very excited about. I consult with John the whole time, when he's not, you know, flying to some exotic location being a massive movie star,” Cornish said.

As to the specifics what’s been going on with the film’s development, Cornish added...


We are in the research phase of the writing. We’re doing what we did with the first film, which is going out into the world, and finding the characters in the real world, and interviewing people about every single aspect of the story that we are writing, so that we can contextualize our fantasy plot-line in as credible as possible a reality. In fact, I’ve just literally, a moment ago, come from a two-hour interview with somebody who represents one of the aspects of the story. So, yeah, we’re doing our due diligence, because we reckon one of the things that made the first film work was that mix of made-up fantasy craziness and carefully researched reality.

As of now, there's no proper release date for the film. But clearly, the sequel is still very much in active development.

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