We tend to associate actress Aubrey Plaza with not only 'Parks and Recreation' but just comedies in general. She's got a great act but she's looking to challenge herself in her latest movie 'The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman.'

She revealed her new role to the folks over at Latino Review but has not specified on what her character will be. Either way, she's joining quite the cast that includes Shia LaBeouf, Evan Rachel Wood, Mads Mikkelsen, Melissa Leo and Rupert Grint.

Fredrik Bond will be making his directorial debut with 'The Neceesary Death of Charlie Countryman.' The story is about Charlie Countryman (LaBeouf), an average guy who ends up falling head over heels for a girl (Wood) who's already claimed by a fierce crime boss. Charlie tries his best to fight through all of his henchmen in order to protect the new love of his life. But after some time in battle, is she that important in which he'd have to sacrifice his own life for her? We'll just have to figure that out when the movie comes out in theaters at some point in 2013.

Yes, 'Charlie Countryman' is a romantic action comedy but Plaza has been trying to broaden her acting horizons, especially this year. She just finished her first starring role in 'Safety Not Guaranteed' and still delivered laughs throughout the latest season of 'Parks and Recreation.'