Are you tired of 'Avatar' yet? Well, you might be very soon. James Cameron has just tapped a novelist to write four books based on the film and its three upcoming sequels, just in case four movies weren't enough for you, the demanding and adoring public who so clearly wanted this. 

Cameron hired science-fiction novelist Steven Charles Gould ('Jumper,' which became a movie starring Hayden Christensen when studios were still trying to make Hayden Christensen happen) to pen four 'Avatar' books to coincide with 'Avatar 2,' 3 and 4. The novels will be based upon the films, while also expanding on the world and giving even more details about how blue aliens connect their hair and do magic.

The director is still hard at work writing 'Avatar 2' and the other sequels with help from Josh Friedman ('War of the Worlds'), Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver ('Rise of the Planet of the Apes'), and Shane Salerno ('Savages,' 'Salinger'). The films will begin production next year, and all three sequels will be filmed back to back and released every December, starting in 2016 -- seven years after the first 'Avatar' film, at which point Cameron is hoping 'Fern Gully' nostalgia will be at peak mining levels.