Back in Time does something a lot of movie documentaries don’t, combining both interviews with cast and crew and actual fans to give you a more dimensional look at the incredibly beloved and enduring classic. In the trailer for the new Back to the Future documentary, you’ll see regular fans alongside people like Steven Spielberg and Michael J. Fox discussing everything from fun behind the scenes stories to what the film means to them.

Back to the Future fans may already know some of the information presented in the doc — like how an ad placement company wanted director Robert Zemeckis to change the DeLorean to a Ford Mustang, which he obviously refused. In addition to cool trivia, the doc also features Zemeckis, Spielberg, original writer Bob Gale, and stars like Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd talking about the making of the film and the effect its had on fans. Fox also shares the story of his accidental date with royalty, which is pretty cute.

In addition, a few fans were asked to participate and share what Back to the Future means to them, offering a neat perspective alongside the more professional side of things.

Back to the Future is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, and to commemorate the occasion the original trilogy is being re-released in select theaters nationwide and in a special edition Blu-ray box set this October. Back in Time will also be released in October to help you further celebrate the anniversary of one of the best films ever made.