Bad Boys 3 is finally gearing up to head into production with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence returning to reprise their roles from Michael Bay’s previous films. But with filming not set to begin until early next year, the release date for the long-developing sequel has been delayed yet again, this time to 2018. On the slightly more positive side of things, the sequel has a new title, and it’s one that should earn the approval of Bad Boys fans.

Joe Carnahan (The Grey, The A-Team) is writing and directing the sequel, which has been renamed Bad Boys For Life, according to Exhibitor Relations. That title is, of course, a reference to Will Smith’s line in the original film, but wouldn’t it make more sense for the fourth sequel to have that title? Like, Bad Boys 4 Life?

In any case, Sony has reportedly once again delayed the release of Bad Boys: The Third One, which will now hit theaters on January 12, 2018. That’s…not a great sign, as January is typically a dumping ground for films that studios have little confidence in — the sort of stuff that wouldn’t perform well regardless of the month. That date could still change, again, and may very well be a placeholder until Sony has a better idea of what Carnahan is delivering.

Sony also recently tapped Carnahan to help out with another long-gestating project: Uncharted, based on the hit video game series. As of now, Carnahan is only attached to write a new screenplay, as production on Uncharted conflicts with Bad Boys 3. The former still doesn’t have a director, however, and Carnahan expressed interest in filling that position if Sony would change the production schedule accordingly.

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