Sony has announced development on 'Bad Teacher 2,' which shouldn't be too much of a surprise since the original Cameron Diaz comedy was a pretty big hit, grossing $216 million worldwide, but the news still packs a punch. After all, CBS is already moving forward with its half-hour comedy series based on the film. When a franchise makes the jump to television (or vice versa), it usually stays there. So what could this mean for the future adventures of Diaz's awful educator?

It had previously been announced that the TV version of 'Bad Teacher' would premiere next season with a 13 episode season (with Ari Graynor filling in for Diaz), so it's odd that a film sequel would also enter development. There are several questions we can raise from all of this, but we'll go with the cynical one: is this evidence that Sony has no faith in the show and wants to do everything in its power to keep the film franchise alive? A more optimistic outlook is that the series is looking good and the studio just sees a chance to milk the 'Bad Teacher' name on two mediums. After all, it's not like this is a particularly complicated story. Surely audiences will understand that a TV version and the film series are intended to be separate universes (setting up the eventual "Infinite Bad Teacher Crisis," of course).

Although Diaz isn't officially signed onto the sequel yet, Justin Malen is currently writing the screenplay and Jake Kasdan will return to the director's seat. Considering that Diaz is already reuniting with Kasdan on 'Sex Tape,' we expect that she'll be back.