Iconic character 'Barbarella' is coming back, but this time she's headed to the small screen with a big name attached: Nicolas Winding Refn, director of last year's fantastic 'Drive,' is attached to direct and produce a new series.

Deadline reports that Refn will co-produce a new 'Barbarella' alongside Martha De Laurentiis and Gaumont International Television. Refn calls Barbarella "one of the ultimate counter-cultural characters."

For the unfamiliar, Barbarella began life in a French comic strip created by Jean-Claude Forest in 1962. Those strips were later culled together to create her very own graphic novel in 1964, and four years later Barbarella got her very own film starring Jane Fonda.

Barbarella was created to embody women in a time of sexual liberation, and thus her character is scantily clad, often seen in various states of undress, and kicking ass in suggestive clothing. The plot of the film followed Barbarella on a mission from the President of Earth (now a peaceful, weapon-free place) to rescue a doctor who has created a weapon that might fall into the wrong hands.

The character often gets herself into some rather compromising situations, having sex with aliens and other people, and though the film toned some of that down quite a bit, we wonder just how sexy this new show will get...

But more importantly, who will be the new Barbarella?