It’s starting to seem as if The Neon Demon director Nicolas Winding Refn makes more headlines for the projects he doesn’t do, like Spectre or a potential Batgirl movie, and it seems we can add Doctor Who to the pile. Refn had apparently been turned down for directing an episode of the BBC staple, apart from his own designs on a movie.

A new interview with Metro UK saw the prior Drive director listing his interest in Doctor Who, despite having seen little of the newer series; his favorite incarnation of the Time Lord noted as Tom Baker. The article also attributes interest in directing a Doctor Who film to Refn, without listing when he’d attempted to direct the series.

I love Doctor Who. I like the imagination. I guess I’m a fan of the old Doctor Who. I haven’t really seen a lot of the new one … I like Tom Baker. They wouldn’t hire me.

Certainly, Refn’s unique visual style could feel right at home with an episode of Doctor Who, while the director himself has previously worked in TV with the likes of Agatha Christie’s Marple. The tenth season of Doctor Who has already begun shooting, including Steven Moffat’s final episodes of the series, so there’s no telling when, or if Refn would ever be reconsidered for a future season.

In the meantime, We’ll have more Doctor Who this coming Christmas, ahead of a new companion in 2017.

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