A&E's 'Psycho' prequel 'Bates Motel' has grown far beyond a simple origin tale of Norman Bates in only six episodes, but last night's revelatory "The Truth" threw some major curvature into what we think about the development of Alfred Hitchcock's iconic cinema killer. The twists and turns of last night's episode will no doubt reverberate through the series to come, so what does series creator and showrunner Carlton Cuse have to say about the big reveals? Get the latest 'Bates Motel' spoilers inside!

Those looking to keep 'Bates Motel' wrapped in plastic and spoiler free will want to read no further, but last night's "The Truth" dropped some major turns into the story. Not only did Deputy Shelby (Mike Vogel) finally meet his deserved end, but it turns out that Norman Bates had been his father's true killer all along, and had no memory of doing the deed!

Series showrunner Carlton Cuse opened up to The Hollywood Reporter about the decision to introduce Norman's psychosis so early on, saying:

By looking at 'Psycho,' you would have thought that Norma Bates is a woman who berated and screamed at her child and eventually drove him crazy and then he became a serial killer. But what if that wasn't true? What this episode does is establish that there's something fundamentally off in Norman's DNA and despite Norma's best intentions, she may not be able to change him.

Of course, Norman's secret remains under wraps between Dylan and Norma Bates for now, something Cuse explains will provide unexpected sympathy for Norma and an opportunity for the two to develop a bond. Don't count on Norman becoming a killing force from here on out, however, as "we're not rushing headlong into Norman turning into someone who kills the guest who shows up at the motel every week," says Cuse. "That's not an interesting version of the show for us. We see Norman's progression happening over a longer time frame. What exactly happens to Norman over time is interesting and compelling to us as storytellers."

In addition to the fallout from Shelby's death, the Bates family will also have to deal with the ongoing threat of Shelby's sex trafficking ring, Emma's knowledge and Sheriff Romero's interference, but what say you? Were you shocked by "The Truth" and the twists inherent? Where would you like to see 'Bates Motel' go in the final few episodes of season 1? Watch the latest preview, and let us know in the comments!