The latest stab at a Locke & Key TV series hit a snag losing Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson, but progress rolls on with its first official star. The Conjuring 2 alum Frances O’Connor will lead the latest adaptation in a key (well, Locke) role.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, O’Connor will play Nina Locke, described as “the mother to the three siblings who moves the family to Maine after her husband’s slaying.” FOX’s last attempt at the Joe Hill (son of Stephen King) comic featured Lord of the Rings and Homeland alum Miranda Otto in the role.

For those unfamiliar, Locke & Key follows three siblings of the Locke family, who move into their ancestral Massachusetts mansion “Keyhouse” after the brutal murder of their father, discovering many a bizarre key and series of doors, along with a supernatural presence to the home. Following the failed FOX attempt, Universal also optioned the comic for film with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, until the rights lapsed.

Hill will write the hourlong pilot’s script, executive produced and showrun by LOST and Bates Motel alum Carlton Cuse. It and Mama director Andrés Muschietti took over for Derrickson in directing the pilot, as the latter had a scheduling conflict with TNT’s Snowpiercer.

There’s plenty more casting to go, but will Locke & Key cash in on that third-time charm?

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