So, we know almost nothing about the new Star Wars movie except for the title and the fact that “The Last Jedi” actually means “The Last Jedi.” (Uh, the second one is plural.) Josh Gad has still gotten nothing out of Daisy Ridley, no matter how many stars he’s recruited into his various ambushes. But a new rumor may give us some very important background information as to who Benicio Del Toro is playing. (If you’d rather go into the movie knowing as little as possible, feel free to turn back now as some major SPOILERS might lie ahead.)

Still here? The Force Awakens saw the return of a few very familiar faces and one equally familiar, yet somewhat melted, helmet. With Luke’s return, rumors abound that Rey (and possibly Kylo Ren) is a Skywalker, which would continue the story of the Skywalker line into the new trilogy. Those rumors have been far from confirmed though, and there are now a few more characters added to the mix whose origins and motivations and even appearances are a complete mystery.

Benicio Del Toro is one of these new additions, and so far all we’ve heard about him is how he wears black and is kind of an antihero. Maybe. Again, nothing has been confirmed. But YouTuber Mike Zeroh (via ScreenRant) noticed something weird on Del Toro’s description for his Star Wars character: It first listed him as playing “Vikrum Fett” before being changed a few days later to “TBA.” This slip-up could mean nothing, or it could mean that Del Toro is the son of bounty hunter Boba Fett, thus proving that there are literally only two important families in this entire galaxy, and the entire saga is their offspring being doomed to replay their feud over and over and over forever. Montague vs. Capulet. Hatfield vs. McCoy. Skywalker vs. Fett. Though the Skywalker-Fett feud is a bit one-sided, as Boba and Jango hate the Jedi (or established power of any kind really) but the Jedi usually have other things to worry about.

All we may or may not know about Del Toro’s character is that he’s an all-black-wearing dude who’s bad until he’s not. Would this play as a redemption arc for the Fett family if he ended up helping Rey and her buds on their quest? Maybe. Could this be entirely made up? Sure! The rumors will continue until morale improves or the movie finally hits theaters, whichever comes first.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters December 15.

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