Though a few names have already been thrown out as possible 'Catching Fire' directors, Lionsgate's 'want' list was longer, and two more names have been added into the mix: 'Moneyball's' Bennett Miller and 'Water for Elephants's' Francis Lawrence.

Miller is supposed to be shooting his next film 'Foxcatcher' around the same time 'Catching Fire' is going into production, so it seems unlikely he will drop that to do this. Granted, 'Fire' could be a big commercial films for Miller - whose tastes have been more arty to this point - but it looks like his next film is in the midst of pre-production, so it's almost worth calling bullcrap on this consideration, though the Playlist was given the information they were given.

Lawrence is coming off a modest win with 'Water for Elephants,' which looked to show his range after the bigger 'I am Legend.' This would be a genre picture that Lawrence would be comfortable with, though as a director it's hard to say he has much personality. In that sense he would be good as a servant to the material, though the sequels need a little more shaping than the first film.

And again, no women have been mentioned. Likely because Kathryn Bigelow is in the midst of her next film, and they need someone's full attention. Though it would be interesting to see Jennifer Lawrence reunite with 'Winter's Bone' director Debra Granik.