Every year, Little White Lies Editor-at-Large David Ehrlich celebrates his favorite movies with a video countdown supercut. The newly released 2014 edition is typically excellent (even if I might quibble with some of his individual choices coughsomethinginmythroatnotreallyIjustdon’tlike‘Godzilla’cough) and covers Ehrlich’s picks for the top 25 films of the calendar year.

Here are Ehrlich’s notes on the video, in case you’re wondering what did or did not qualify, and where his musical selections came from:

In order to be eligible for this list, a film had to be formally distributed in the United States in the calendar year of 2014. When needed, I extended that to films that have been submitted to the Best Foreign Language Film category at the upcoming Oscars, even if they weren’t required to have a qualifying run in NY or LA (those movies are opening really soon anyway, so it’s all good). As was also the case with last year’s video, the video kicks off with a little intro that’s intended to set the stage, and then launches into the countdown a couple of minutes later. All of the featured music comes from the films of 2014, and a full track list is waiting for you at the end. As always, this was both a blast to cut together and also just an unspeakably catastrophic waste of time. So … I hope you enjoy it.

Some of the juxtapositions are really great, like Portishead’s Beth Gibbons singing “I just want to be a woman” over shots of Scarlett Johansson’s alien-in-human-clothing(-and-skin) from ‘Under the Skin’ and Redbone’s ‘Come and Get Your Love’ grooving through the creepy images from Jennifer Kent’s horror movie ‘The Babadook.’ All in all, it’s been a great year for movies, and we’re really looking forward to spending the rest of the month celebrating as many as we can.

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