Beyonce Knowles has many talents: singer, songwriter, fashion designer, actress (kind of) and mother of Jay-Z's child. But now she's adding another job to her resume: director. The singer will direct and (obviously) star in a documentary about a subject she knows a lot about -- herself.

According to the LA Times, the songstress and her talent agency ICM have been shopping around a documentary package to various studios in recent weeks. The documentary will be directed by and star Beyonce herself in a mix of musical performances and confessional-type footage. Beyonce will also produce the project, but there's no word on whether Beyonce has hired herself as gaffer, caterer, choreographer or stunt double.

Beyonce has a rather interesting life to explore onscreen -- she started girl group Destiny's Child with the help of her parents (her father is her former manager), her solo career has been incredible, she recently gave birth to daughter Blue Ivy Carter with husband Jay-Z, and she designs clothing. And she does all of this without wearing gimmicky candy bras -- take note, Katy Perry.

Musician docs have been a hot ticket lately, with last year's acclaimed Justin Bieber documentary and this year's Katy Perry 3D concert experience. And Beyonce is no stranger to the big screen, having starred in 'Dreamgirls' and 'Obsessed,' as well as lending her supporting talents to 'Austin Powers: Goldmember,' and 'The Pink Panther.'

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