There was no way SNL wasn't going to make some kind of Big Bird joke this week. No way. When Mitt Romney threatened to cut funding to PBS during the first presidential debate and name dropped Sesame Street's eight foot tall walking avian, the internet immediately exhausted every possible Big Bird joke imaginable. With all of the obvious jokes taken, SNL had to go one step further and get the bird himself to come on the show.

You can tell by the giddy look in his eyes that Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers recognizes that he's in the presence of a legend when Big Bird joins him to discuss his "newfound" post-debate fame. The most impressive thing about this bit it how charming and funny it is while remaining squeaky clean -- Big Bird is a representative from a children's program, after all. It's always interesting when SNL is forced to avoid the raunch thanks to a particular guest star (the Muppets stopping by when Jason Segel last year comes to mind). After all, it's so much harder to be funny when you can't fall back on easy sex jokes.

What do you think of the clip? Do you think SNL is still funny when it is forced to work clean?

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