A Stefon movie will likely never happen; Bill Hader has said as much himself. But, there was a time, back when Hader was still at 'Saturday Night Live,' that a Stefon movie almost did happen and a few scenes were actually written. Could it have actually worked?

Hader told GQ earlier this summer that a Stefon movie would never happen because, as he put it, "You think you want a Stefon movie but then you'll see the poster for it and think: 'Wait, I don't want this.'" It's a good point. We probably don't want an actual Stefon movie, yet it's fun to think about a Stefon movie.

Case in point: at some point during his 'SNL' tenure, Hader was asked to develop ideas for a Stefon movie with his writing partner John Mulaney. "We talked a little bit about an idea for a movie and then we were like, 'I don’t think it will work,'" Hader told Larry King. He went on to explain one of the scenes they had written, which actually does make you think you'd want to see this Stefon movie.

“We did have one funny scene which was making John and I laugh, which was Stefon coming out to his family, and his parents are blue collar people from the Bronx.”

That does sound pretty hilarious, though also somewhat reminiscent of 'Zoolander' and his blue-collar, coal-mining family ("I'm getting the black lung, pop.")

In the clip below, you can see the interview with Hader on Larry King's internet show where he explains a little bit more about the movie, acts out the coming out scene and reveals that we'll likely see Stefon back on 'SNL' this season (likely for Seth Meyers' last show).

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