It may be a little early to start contemplating what some of your most anticipated movies of next year will be, but one of the films you should keep your eyes out for is Sofia Coppola's 'The Bling Ring.' Not only is the imaginative director pushing her limits but an actress from the 'Harry Potter' realm is as well.

The upcoming movie has a cast that includes Emma Watson, Leslie Mann, Taissa Farmiga, Erin Daniels, Katie Chang, Claire Julien and Israel Broussard. The film, based on the infamous true story, follow a group of kids who go on a robbery spree and steal from celebrities houses. They manage to get their hands on three million dollars worth of loot until they eventually got caught.

'The Bling Ring' is one of the first big movies that actress Emma Watson is taking on ever since the 'Harry Potter' franchise wrapped up. Over the years we've see her grow into a strong actress, it'll be interesting to see what she manages to do in this movie. 'The Bling Ring' is expected to be out in theaters at some point in 2013.

Check out the two brand new photos from the film below: