Despite middling online buzz and mixed reviews, the opening day of Marc Webb's 'The Amazing Spider-Man' proved that the wall crawling superhero stil has plenty of webbing left in his web shooters. Or, if you want a non-geek translation, the opening day of the controversial reboot saw the film take in a whole bunch of money, breaking a record in the process.

Including the $7.5 million made at midnight screenings, 'The Amazing Spider-Man' grossed $35 million on Tuesday, with $4 million of that coming from IMAX 3D screenings. That shatters the $27.8 million record set by Michael Bay's 'Transformers' back in 2007.

While it's nice to have the phrase "record breaker" attached to your film, this isn't a particularly impressive record to break. Tuesday openings are uncommon (and only happen when a studio decides to take advantage of a holiday), so the full list of Tuesday openers is pretty sad. Case in point: the number three biggest Tuesday opening of all time belongs to the remake of 'The Omen,' which made $12 million in 2006 (the studio just couldn't resist that 6/6/06 release date).

Although the real test for the film will be the upcoming weekend and the weeks ahead, audiences have made themselves clear: they love Spider-Man. They don't care about who is behind the camera or which actor is under the mask, they just can't get enough of the 'ol web head. When you're the world's most popular superhero, you'll always drag around plenty of box office clout, no matter what the reviews say.