A couple of days ago some e-mails pertaining to the future of the ‘Spider-Man’ franchise were revealed from the massive Sony hack. Those e-mails confirmed that Sony had indeed been discussing a potential Spider-Man crossover into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the character making his debut in ‘Captain America: Civil War.’ Although the e-mails indicated that those talks between Sony and Marvel fell through, a new report has shed some light on what Marvel Studios would do with the character if they ever get him back.

For now, Sony still retains the rights to ‘Spider-Man,’ and while they’ve seemingly put a third ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ movie on the back burner, they are still planning various spinoff films and an animated comedy film produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. But what if Marvel ever got Spider-Man back? It could still potentially happen—the talks may have fallen through for now, but we doubt that Marvel will give up the idea completely.

Latino Review has revealed what Marvel would (and still might) do with Spidey if they were able to get him back. The company would take full creative control of the hero, and they wouldn’t honor the existing contracts of any attached stars, which means Andrew Garfield would no longer play Peter Parker/Spider-Man. Marvel would then reboot the character, reintroducing him in their Cinematic Universe—but instead of telling his origin story yet again, their first ‘Spider-Man’ film would focus on a teenaged Peter Parker who has already established his secret heroic identity. There would be less focus on the love story element, although Mary Jane Watson would still be involved. Marvel’s new film would be more oriented around Peter as he has a hard time juggling his life as a teenager with his secret life as a hero.

With this new plan, Marvel would ignore the films directed by Marc Webb and Sam Raimi, and start things over fresh with Spider-Man. Sony and Marvel’s talks involved a 60/40 split, with Sony wanting to retain a large chunk of control over their character. It’s understandable: the two ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ films haven’t been great, but Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were fantastic in them, and Garfield is definitely a great choice for the part. It’s too bad that the movies weren’t on his level.

What do you guys think? Do you think Marvel can still get Spider-Man back and fold him into their Cinematic Universe, or do you actually want to see more Spidey Garfield action over at Sony?

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