'Boy Scouts vs. Zombies' is an actual movie on which Paramount Pictures hopes to start production in the spring of next year. If that didn't sound strange enough, now Christopher Landon of the 'Paranormal Activity' franchise has been brought on to direct.

Deadline was the first to report that Landon -- who co-wrote 'Paranormal Activity 2' and wrote '3,' '4' and 'Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones' (which he also directed) -- will helm this new film that is exactly what it sounds like. 'Boy Scouts vs. Zombies' is based on a Black List script from Carrie Evans and Emi Mochizuki, and centers on a boy scout troop that must save girl scouts from the walking dead.

Etan Cohen, who wrote 'Men in Black 3,' was reportedly in negotiations to helm the movie, but has, as it seems, dropped out. And before Cohen, Andy Flickman ('Parental Guidance') was attached, just to give you an idea of how long this script has been around. It was named the most-liked screenplay by the 2010 Black List of Hollywood, and Paramount picked up the rights to it that same year. Hey, if Arnold Schwarzenegger can be in a movie about him and his zombie daughter, then why can't 'Boy Scouts vs. Zombies' exist?

'Boy Scouts vs. Zombies' will be produced by Todd Garner of Broken Road Productions, Andy Fickman and Betsy Sullenger of Oops Doughnuts, and Bryan Brucks of Brucks Entertainment.

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