With his success at Warner Brothers with 'The Hangover' movies (and with a third one on the way), Bradley Cooper has set his shingle at the studio, and is now developing Chris Kyle's autobiography 'American Sniper' to produce and star in.

This comes from The Hollywood Reporter, who note that Jason Dean Hall will be scripting the picture. Cooper is committed to producing the project, but it's unknown for sure if he's developing the material for himself. The material sounds perfect for a film, though Cooper has yet to show steely-eyed determination on screen, as he usually plays on his good looks and charms in a crisis more than dogged determination. And that's what we expect from kick-ass snipers. Then again, it's hard for us to forget the Bradley Cooper who starred in 'Wet Hot American Summer.'

'The Hangover' changed a lot for the actor, though it seems 'Limitless' was his proving ground, as that film was surprisingly successful ('The A-Team' did okay, but that was an ensemble and an updated TV show). And though Cooper is now a proven movie star, it's smart of Warner Brothers to keep him happy enough to return for the third 'Hangover.' He's going to make that film - but like Vin Diesel and his 'Riddick' movie - it feels like there's some back scratching going on here.

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