We won't see Bravely Default on the 3DS until 2014, but at least we have this new trailer that introduces us to the main characters. 

In this new trailer, we're given brief introductions to Tiz, Agnes, Ringabel and Edea, the four main characters of this role-playing game with the strange name.

Tiz is on a mission to find out why his village was destroyed. In battle, he fights with his fists and aims flurries of punches at his enemies.

Agnes is a young woman who is also on a journey, but seeks to rid the world of darkness. She is soft-spoken and acts as the group's healer.

Ringabel is a curious fellow who totes around a book that foretells the future. He comes equipped with spells and is the party's magical damage dealer.

Finally, Edea Lee is a templar's daughter and a cheerful sort of girl. She wields a blade and can inflict massive amounts of physical damage.

Check out the trailer above to meet all of these characters and marvel at how beautiful their cutscenes are. The battles, the graphics and even the music sort of call to mind the Final Fantasy games of old. We'll have to wait until next year to dive into this game for the 3DS.