Thanks to the Rockstar Edition of Grand Theft Auto V, fans are now able to record and edit their own gameplay footage, which has yielded some rather creative results. We’ve seen fans pay tribute to movies an TV shows using The Sims, but GTA gives players some options they don’t really have in the world of The Sims — stuff like car-jackings and guns and, you know, general violence and gritty characters. Stuff you need to make a solid Breaking Bad tribute, for instance.

YouTube user Lion Kolla (totally not a made-up name) uploaded the above Breaking Bad tribute, which utilizes GTA V characters and settings to recreate iconic moments from the series. It’s all set to Badfinger’s “Baby Blue,” which creator Vince Gilligan used in the final moments of the Breaking Bad series finale.

This GTA V tribute features some of your favorite Breaking Bad moments, like Walter’s “I am the one who knocks!” speech, and his incredibly intense final scene from the finale. You’ll also note the RV from Season 1 in the opening shot, as well as plenty of meth lab equipment and explosions. That video game version of Jesse is pretty spot-on, too.

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