The first time around, Breaking Bad’s scientific approach ended up floundering on the Mythbusters, disproving both Walt’s famous mercury blowout and the iconic acid tub. Now, creator Vince Gilligan finally scores a “Plausible,” as Mythbusters tests the Breaking Bad finale’s famous M-60 rig.

You’re warned of Breaking Bad finale spoilers from here on out (though as Adam Savage notes in the above video, get on that!), though a July outing of Mythbusters saw Adam and Jamie put Breaking Bad to the test once more, specifically the M-60 rig that Walt fashioned in his trunk to take down Uncle Jack and his crew of Neo-Nazis.

If you’ll recall:

Discovery has made available a web clip of the outing, as the two Mythbusters recruit none other than Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan himself to test the idea. Using basic store-bought materials (like Walt), Savage manages to mount the M-60 on a swiveling desk chair base, placing it in the trunk of a car, aimed at a building facade with cutouts behind to represent Jack’s group (and a flat one for Walt).

The myth proved surprisingly plausible, as none of the 200 rounds struck the cutout intended to represent Walt, while deftly cutting down the other standing figures. Savage at least notes that some shots ended up with a much more chaotic spray, even hitting as high as seven feet, though Walt could theoretically have devised, and survived the encounter.

You can check out the myth for yourself above, as well as our own Breaking Bad features below.

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