'Breaking Bad,' arguably the best show currently on television and easily one of the best shows of all time, returns for its fifth and final season next month. The latest promo for the continuing adventures of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman serves as a reminder of what went down for our anti-heroes last season and should get any fan's blood pumping...just don't look any further if you haven't seen season four. MAJOR spoilers await.

So you stopped reading if you're still behind, right? Good. Because this is the sentence where I remind you that season four concluded with Walt successfully murdering Gustavo Fring with an explosion to the face, crippling a crystal meth empire and putting the New Mexico drug trade right in the palm of his hand. Surely you also recall the startling revelation that Walt had also manipulated Jesse back into his good graces by poisoning a child and blaming it on their mutual enemies. In short, the end of season four placed Walt in a new high for his business and a new low for being human being.

This new promo doesn't offer any footage from the new season, but it doesn't need to. AMC is well aware that anyone who has tuned in for the past four years will be in front of their television no matter what in a few weeks. How low can Walt and Jesse sink and still maintain our loyalty as viewers? Our guess is pretty darn low.

The final season of 'Breaking Bad' begins on July 15.