Brett Ratner is a studio director, through and through -- all high gloss and commercial action, no soul. And now that's even more apparent with his admission -- nay, proclamation -- of how much he loves product placement. Because of course he does.

The LA Times Blog reports that Ratner, speaking at a panel at the Tribeca Film Festival last Friday, explained that he used to despise product placement, having had a bad experience on 'X-Men: The Last Stand.' (In all fairness, who didn't have a bad experience with that movie?)

Ratner complained about advertisers over-involving themselves in the film process, saying, "I'm the director, and I decide what goes in the movie… I’m, like, ‘Who is this guy? Get him off the set.’” (And we're sure a lot of people feel the same way about you too.)

Ratner says he soon had a change of heart, though, saying:

"I realize I need these brands. I need a car in my movie."

And so now Ratner, who famously got booted from his job producing the Oscars after publicly using anti-gay slurs, is working closely with advertisers to get them more exposure and profit, which he would like to use to finance more films.

Of one of his clients, Ratner says, "Mitchum sales have been stagnant, and we think it’s the best brand out there in stopping perspiring." Obviously Ratner has been watching a lot of 'Mad Men' lately because he has this ad sales jargon on lock. He adds, "Filmmakers are having a hard time getting their movies made. Five years from now, brands like Chipotle will go directly to the talent." Get ready, Hollywood. Brett Ratner's coming to your door and he's got a burrito cart with all the fixins and a box of deodorant for the meat sweats.