In the immortal words of Ilana Glazer’s fictional self on Broad City: YAS QUEEN YAS QUEEN! There is truly no other acceptable reaction to this piece of news. Glazer and Broad City co-creator/writer/star Abbi Jacobson are joining forces with Paul Feig for a new comedy film, which is already guaranteed to be the best comedy film in whatever year it’s released.

THR reports the glorious news that Jacobson and Glazer have sold a comedy pitch to Paul Feig, who will produce the film with his Feigco partner Jessie Henderson. But before we get too excited, Jacobson and Glazer are not attached to star in the untitled project, nor is Feig attached to direct. The director will be a bit busy with his female-centric Ghostbusters film for a while, and then he’s set to direct a Play-Doh movie (yes, really).

But Feig is one of the driving forces in female-oriented comedy right now, having helped establish Melissa McCarthy as one of the most beloved film actresses on the planet and delivering movies like Bridesmaids, The Heat and Spy. The guy knows a thing or two about funny ladies.

And Jacobson and Glazer are two incredibly funny, talented and smart ladies, whose Broad City series is one of the very best comedies on television right now. Even if the pair don’t end up starring in their new film project, we can rest assured knowing it will be hilarious no matter what.

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