We’re still a month out from the hotly-anticipated return of Broad City Season 3, but the new 2016 run is at least starting to take some shape. To that end, a punchy first teaser for Abbi and Ilana has emerged, along with additional guest stars, and a sense of what Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton will get up to with her fellow Queens.

Comedy Central debuted the first official Broad City Season 3 promo, sadly lacking in any major footage as of yet, though no less a reminder of how far the comedy has come from its webseries days.

Meanwhile EW adds to the guest ranks Vanessa Williams, Melissa Leo, Whoopi Goldberg, Alan Alda, and Tony Danza, while the girls said of Clinton’s guest appearance:

Jacobson: We were writing this very specific episode and we actually wrote it where she didn’t even need to be in it. And then it was really crazy that she was into it, and so it became even more heightened when she was actually a part of it … I am being so vague, I’m sorry.

Glazer: It was just such an unbelievable honor to meet her. It’s like, crazy. She’s never done a scripted show like this, and it was wild. It was truly wild. She was wild. She was so warm and personable, and the depth of the person to have that inviting air but then to also [have just had a] meeting with Barack … this person is layered deep.

The full Broad City Season 3 description reads:

“Broad City” is coming back with a new season of ten episodes that will see Abbi and Ilana dealing with a slew of everyday challenges and adventures as they live their lives in New York City, including a trip to the DMV, a rat in the apartment, going clubbing, taking on new job responsibilities, visiting Abbi’s dad and new hook ups.

Meanwhile, Comedy Central has confirmed a fourth and fifth season of Broad City already. We’ll stay tuned for trailers, but bow down to the queens of Comedy Central in the meantime.

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