Broad City Season 4 may be later in the year than we’d like, but Abbi and Ilana weren’t about to miss out on the 420 celebrations. Watch the Broad City girls conjure a bit of marijuana magic in a new short to tide us over for the August premiere.

Comedy Central released the third Hack Into Broad City short since 2017 began, this time featuring Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer as they share a bowl over webchat. Why the pair wouldn’t actually meet in person to smoke on a day like 420 is beyond us, but let’s just say it would undercut the short’s final gag.

In any case, Broad City Season 4 will debut sometime in August this year, as both  Jacobson and Glazer confirmed in a recent video. Comedy Central renewed the series for Seasons 4 and 5 prior to the Season 3 premiere, and we know that Steve Buscemi will put in a guest appearance, though few other details have been revealed just yet.

While we wait for more Broad City, check out the prior Hack Into shorts below.

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