Many great men get multiple biographical pictures about them. Abraham Lincoln, for instance, has been the source of many films, from this year's 'Lincoln' to John Ford's 'Young Abraham Lincoln' to 'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure' (though historians haven't confirmed if those events are true). Kung fu legend Bruce Lee is about to get his second bio-pic.

This news comes from THR, who note that QED International wants to make the picture and have hired 'Ali' and 'Nixon' screenwriters Christopher Wilkinson and Stephen Rivele to pen a draft. It's to be an origin story called 'Birth of the Dragon' so -- obviously -- if it does well they can make more, which makes it unlike the previous Bruce Lee Bio-pic 'Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story,' as it tried to tell Lee's life story in just two hours. 'Birth' would be about a no-holds-barred fight Lee had in 1965 with Chinese kung fu master Wong Jack Man.

This would also join such spin-off Lee movies as Justin Lin's 'Finishing the Game: The Search for the New Bruce Lee' and 'They Call Me Bruce' among the films that have traded on Lee's magnetic on-screen personality. Even's Lee's kung fu master Yip Man has received multiple bio-pics, with Wong Kar-Wai's upcoming film 'The Grandmaster' the latest. We're guessing there's going to be a long look for someone who can fill Lee's shoes, so this is the very early stages of the process.

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